1. Request a Master’s Degree from the Graduate School

Every M.Ed. student must submit a degree request to the Graduate School for their degree during the anticipated quarter of graduation. The degree request is solely your responsibility. Complete the degree request by logging in to your Student MyGrad Page.  This is to be submitted by the third week of the quarter so Student Services has time to review your degree completion.

A degree audit is run as part of your Master's request process.  This will note any progress toward your degree and anything that needs attention.   Students are expected to review their audit and address any issues with their faculty advisor.  We encourage you to contact us in Student Services with any questions about your degree audit.

You may submit your request beginning the first day of the quarter of expected graduation until the last day of instruction of the quarter of expected graduation. If you miss the deadline, you must pay a $250 graduate degree Registration Waiver late fee within 2 weeks of the end of the quarter.  Graduation is then for the following quarter and a degree request must be submitted for that quarter. 

2. Submit the Online Degree Completion Form and Upload your Course of Study

In addition to requesting your master’s degree from the Graduate School, each M.Ed. student must complete and submit a Course of Study Form and complete the online Degree Completion Form. The course of study must be signed by your adviser.

  • Degree Completion Form: Ensure that your first and last names coincide with the first and last names on your UW transcript. Your degree is Master of Education (M.Ed.); major or department is Education. You will need to upload your Course of Study to this form.  
  • Course of Study Form: We recommend that you have a worksheet of your Course of Study checked by your adviser one quarter prior to completing your degree. Identify petitioned courses on your Course of Study Form. Courses taken while enrolled as a graduate student at another institution, at the UW Bothell or Tacoma campuses, or in another UW department may be included on the form only if you have an approved petition on file that has been signed by your faculty adviser. When the final form is completed and signed by your faculty adviser, it is your responsibility to upload one copy with signatures with your Degree Completion Form, a second copy to your faculty adviser, and a third copy for yourself.

3. Remember to:

  • Register as a graduate student at the UW during the quarter in which you plan to complete your degree.
  • Make arrangements to remove any X, N, or I grades posted on your transcript for courses needed to satisfy degree requirements. If the two-year limit to remove I grades has passed, you will need to retake the course/s, if required for your degree. You must successfully complete these courses by the end of the quarter in which you expect to receive your degree in order to keep your name on the graduation list. It is your responsibility to provide our office with confirmation of converted grades.