Business Purpose

All expenditures are required to have a business purpose.  The University of Washington defines business purpose as: "Explanation of how the purchase or payment is used for UW business. Primarily needed for audit purposes." An astounding variety of goods and services are purchased to support the University's activities, but what might be obvious to us is not always clear to an auditor. 

In Addition, all expenditures on grants are required to have an additional statement on the expenditure's benefit to grant.  See Costs on Grants page here.


Is our primary procurement request tool.  This replaces the paper procurement, paper reimbursement, and paper travel pre-authorization forms along with the need for approval and budget review signatures.  However, it does not eliminate the need for paper or other electronic documents.  We also still require the following with an order: proof of payment; proof of receipt; agendas, attendee list, food forms, etc..


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