Expenses Charged to Grants

Required Elements:

  • Prior Approvals from PI or Signature Authority & Finance Manager – preferably through PurchasePath
  • Invoice for Goods and Services
  • Packing Slip for Goods and Services with date and initials of who received the item
  • Documentation on the allocation method used for any splits on budgets or for why only one budget should be charged (see benefit to the grant statement below)
  • Benefit to Grant Statement (including Travel):  The benefit to grant statement should outline how the charge benefits the specific project, and why that charge is appropriate for the project. The benefit to grant statement is needed to confirm the allocability and allowability of a cost on a grant
    • Examples of Good Benefit to the Grant Statements:
      • “These mailing charges are for sending surveys to 200 participants who will provide data in support of the research on this grant.”
      • “Traveling to conference to present research and disseminate information from research study related to this grant as outlined and awarded in the proposal.”
      • “Lunches are needed for non-UW participants who will be participating in Full Day Institutes funded by this project. This budget has food approval by sponsor per the award. Please find attendee list and agenda attached”
      • “This software will analyze data collected by research sites that are supporting the aims and scope of work as outlined in the proposal of this grant.”
      • “This computer is for an RA who is working on these two specific projects and is allocated in accordance to their effort on the projects as outlined in the proposal.”
    • Examples of Poor Benefit to the Grants Statements:
      • “bought for grant.”
      • “grant has money”
      • “PI approved this”
      • “I am charging this grant because last time I charged the other grant”
      • “supply for grant”

For list of FAQs from UW, please see here:  http://finance.uw.edu/pafc/faq