Looking for an undergraduate to join your research project?

• Post your opportunity in the UW Undergraduate Research Program database. You do not need a formal undergraduate student position on your research team.  If you’re willing to mentor an undergraduate, post here.

Want guidance on mentoring undergraduates? (Maybe you have an interested doctoral student or two?)

• Mentoring undergraduates is a great opportunity for doctoral students on your research team to learn how to mentor beginning researchers.  Check out this step-by-step tutorial on engaging and nurturing successful undergraduate researchers.   

How do I obtain IRB approval for including undergraduates in my research?

• UW students who conduct research with human subjects must meet the same requirements as faculty and other researchers who are affiliated with the University of Washington.  

Encourage your student(s) to participate in the Undergraduate Research Symposium held in May each year. 

• The Undergraduate Research Program hosts a multitude of workshops to assist students in completing the application and prepare to present their research. 
• The COE Undergraduate Education Office has funds to support undergraduate students who present their work at this event.
• There is also a COE poster template for undergraduate students. Go to Communication Resources and select PowerPoint Templates. 

How can I compensate undergraduates for their work on my project?

Some projects have funds to pay students hourly.  However, many students simply want to gain experience with research; better understanding of the research process and being a part of a research team.  You can also assign academic credit for their participation.  Students can sign up for credit by registering for ECFS/EDPSY/EDSPE/EDUC/EDLPS/EDCI 499 Undergraduate Research.  In most cases, students can earn 1 credit for every 30 hours of research completed per quarter, pending faculty approval.  Finally, it's always beneficial to encourage students to further their professional development by presenting at the UW Undergraduate Research Symposium or other academic conferences.