2017-2018 Faculty Council, Committees, & CAC

Mark Windschitl (Chair, President - elected, returning member)

Leslie Herrenkohl (Vice-Chair, Vice President - elected)

Reps from each area

Meredith Honig (FLP) (1 year left)
Lynn Dietrich (LSHD)
Filiberto Barajas Lopez (TLC)
Katie Lewis (S3)

Staff representatives

Eric Sortun & Scott Weatherman

Undergraduate rep

Natalia Esquivel Silva


Jordan Sherry-Wagner & Weijia Wang

Vice chairs of standing committees who will be Faculty Council Reps

Sara Lopez             (vice chair, Student Support and Advancement)
Roxanne Hudson (vice chair, Faculty Development and Support)
Anne Beitlers       (vice chair, Diversity)
Holly Schindler                     (vice chair, Budget, Resources & Planning)
Elham Kazemi      (vice chair, Academic Programs & Initiatives)

Faculty Development and Support

  • Jodi Newman (LSHD) - 1 year left
  • Min Sun (FLP) - 1 year left
  • Sheila Valencia (TLC): Chair – 1 year left
  • Roxanne Hudson (S3) Vice Chair
  • Brinda Jegatheesan (LSHD) – 1 year left
  • Gail Joseph (LSHD)

Student Advancement and Support

  • Mary Clevenger-Bright (LSHD)
  • Dafney Blanca Dabach Chair - (TLC)-1 year left
  • Sara Lopez (FLP)- Vice Chair
  • Carly Roberts (S3)


  • Cassady Glass Hastings (LSHD) - nonvoting (she wants to continue)
  • Anne Beitlers (TLC)
  • Phil Bell (LSHD)
  • Jim Banks (TLC)
  • Selma Powell (S3)

Budget, Resources and Planning

  • Holly Schindler (LSHD) Vice Chair
  • Jessica Rigby (FLP) 1 year left
  • Patrick Sexton (TLC)
  • Liz Sanders (S3) Chair - she has been on 2 years already

Academic Programs and Initiatives

  • Soojin Oh Park (LSHD)
  • Jennifer Hoffman (FLP)
  • Elham Kazemi (TLC) - 1 year left Vice Chair
  • Min Li (S3)- Chair


  • • Nancy Hertzog – 1 year left
  • Ken Zeichner
  • Meredith Honig
  • Jim Mazza
  • Cap Peck