The Academic Programs and Initiatives Committee is one of several standing committees in the COE with a charge from the Faculty Council. The Academic Programs Committee has the following responsibilities:

  1. Reviews, gives feedback, and approves new course and course change applications to vet their pedagogical fitness, compliance with UW academic standards, and College and program integration.
  2. Reviews, gives feedback, recommendations and suggestions on program changes including, but not limited to, new programs and major program revisions.
  3. Collaborates with the COE Diversity and Equity Committee for Diversity designation course approvals.
  4. Works with the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Faculty Council to determine procedures and policies of College-wide graduate programs.
  5. Works with the Director of Undergraduate Studies as appropriate.
  6. Conducts curriculum audits and participates in determining active course numbers.
  7. Engages in other College business related to academic programs as needed.

If you have a new idea or a substantive change to a previously approved idea (e.g., new content area, new audience, new outcomes), please visit the Innovation Support Team website to begin the proposal process. If the idea involves a new credit bearing academic program in the College, it will then be directed to and reviewed by the Academic Programs and Initiatives Committee before final approval.

If you have questions about the curriculum approval process, please contact Kate Calisto.