About IECE

The International Educators of the College of Education promotes the cultural understanding, awareness, and community building in all international and national students of the College of Education.

Welcome & Purpose

We are a group of international students representing different countries, devoted to providing a welcoming and nurturing environment within the College’s international student community.

We believe that by acknowledging our cultural differences and honoring our diversity, we can create a community based in respect, understanding, and the sense of belonging to a global context. From there, we expect to contribute to think and create solutions to problems which affect to our local, national and international educational systems.

Quarterly, IECE organizes social events such as movie nights, workshops and luncheons to promote the understanding and interaction among international / national students.

Contact Information




  • Debi Talukdar, PhD student
  • Somin Yeon, PhD student
  • Hailing Xu, undegraduate from ECFS
  • Roxana Chiappa, PhD Student