The following are forms that you will use throughout your M.Ed. program:

College of Education Petition Form

You will use this form to notify the Office of Student Services (OSS) if something has changed in your program of study. Examples might include changing advisers or if your adviser waives a College of Education requirement. It must be signed by you, your adviser, and approved by OSS. Please submit this form either electronically or in person to 206 Miller Hall.

Thesis Proposal Form

This form should be submitted to OSS during the quarter in which you intend to complete your thesis. You will need two faculty signatures and a draft of your thesis. Please submit it either electronically or in person to 206 Miller Hall.

Online Degree Completion Form

Complete this online form during the quarter you intend to complete your degree. The online form will require you to upload a faculty signed Course of Study by the dates below for the academic year 2018/2019.

Course of Study Form

Upload your Course of Study during your final quarter. This helps OSS verify that you have met College of Education requirements. It must be signed by your faculty adviser and to the online Degree Completion Form by the below dates.

Autumn October 12, 2018
Winter January 25, 2019
Spring April 19, 2019
Summer July 12, 2019


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