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Degree Requirements

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree provides intermediate-level graduate training that enhances professional knowledge and prepares you for further graduate study, if desired. The information below is intended to be a guide; students should consult their faculty advisers for information pertaining specific programs. Each M.Ed. student must satisfy both Graduate School and College of Education minimum requirements in order to receive the degree. It is your responsibility to learn these requirements and ensure that your Course of Study is designed to meet them.

The Graduate School’s minimum requirements for the master’s degree are summarized below. A complete list and explanation of the requirements can be found here.

  • A minimum of 36 quarter credits of graduate coursework, 18 of which must be in 500-level courses or above.
  • Numerical grades must be received in at least 18 quarter credits of coursework taken at the UW.
  • A minimum grade-point average of 3.0 is required to graduate, and a minimum grade of 2.7 must be earned in all courses counting toward the degree.
  • No more than six graduate-level quarter credits can be transferred from other academic institutions (applies only to the master’s degree).
  • Up to 12 graduate non-matriculated (GNM) credit hours can apply toward a master’s degree. (M.Ed. students who also wish to transfer credit hours from another institution may apply a combination of GNM and up to six approved transfer credits, totaling 12 credits).

The College of Education’s minimum requirements for the M.Ed. degree are summarized below.

  • A minimum of 45 credits of graduate (400- level or above) coursework.

  • Removal of any X, N, or I grades from transcripts by completing courses. You must successfully complete these courses by the end of the quarter in which you expect to receive your degree, It is your responsibility to provide confirmation of converted grades.

  • A minimum grade of 2.7 in all coursework used to satisfy M.Ed. requirements, and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0.

  • Fulfillment of culminating thesis, project, or exam, as well as other area requirements.

  • Thesis option students planning to submit a formal thesis to the Graduate School must complete a minimum of 9 Thesis credits (EDUC 700).

Program Requirements

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