Are you completing the MIT program spring 2022? Please make sure you have completed these steps.

1. Request a Spring Master’s Degree from the Graduate School

Every MIT student must submit a degree request to the Graduate School for their degree during the anticipated quarter of graduation. The degree request is solely your responsibility. Complete the degree request by logging in to your Student MyGrad Page.  This is to be submitted by the third week of the quarter so Student Services has time to review your degree completion. **If you are graduating summer, the period to request this does not open until summer quarter**

A degree audit is run as part of your Master's request process. This will note any progress toward your degree and anything that needs attention. Students are expected to review their audit and address any issues with their Program Director. We encourage you to contact us in Student Services with any questions about your degree audit. All Xs and Incompletes that are counting toward your degree must be completed by the last day of the quarter.

You may submit your request beginning the first day of the quarter of expected graduation until the last day of the quarter of expected graduation. If you miss the deadline, you must pay a $250 graduate degree Registration Waiver late fee within 2 weeks of the end of the quarter. Graduation is then for the following quarter and a degree request must be submitted for that quarter. 

Deadlines to Request your Degree

Graduate Registration Waiver Fee Information


2. Submit Certificate Information

MIchael Nielsen will be sending out information about completing your certificate.


Certification Forms - Documents needed in order to be recommended for your Residency Teaching Certificate

Master's Degree Request - Request your MIT degree during the quarter you anticipate graduating

Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction - Information on endorsement pathways, the Professional Teaching Certificate, Highly Qualified and othere certification issues

Professional Educator Standards Board - Establishes policies and requirements for the preparation and certification of education professionals as well as serving as an advisory body to OSPI