The College of Education is committed to supporting you in completing your degree in a way that allows you to get the most out of the program and graduate successfully. The College of Education's Office of Student Services is the primary resource for current and prospective students. Current ECFS Majors are supported by Denisse Guerrero-Harvey, Academic Adviser. Prospective students (those not yet admitted to ECFS) are supported by Tabitha Bronsema, Admission & Outreach Adviser. Information about advising appointments and drop-in advising can be found on this web page. 

ECFS Academic Advising

Advising for declared ECFS Majors

Students who are declared in the ECFS Major can find drop-in advising and advising appointment scheduling information in the Canvas ECFS Advising Center

Advising for current UW students seeking admission to ECFS

Current UW students interested in the ECFS Major are encouraged to review the admission requirements. If you have questions about the ECFS Major, course registration, or any other topic, please connect with us in drop-in advising (see schedule below). If you'd like to meet with an adviser outside of scheduled drop-in advising, you can schedule an appointment with Tabitha Bronsema, Admission & Outreach Adviser. Tabitha can also be reached via email at thanrion @ 

Advising for individuals seeking admission to UW and the ECFS Major

Tabitha Bronsema, Admission & Outreach Adviser supports high school students, transfer students, and returning students in exploring the ECFS Major. Tabitha is available to meet with prospective students during drop-in advising (hours listed below) and 30-minute scheduled appointments (phone or in-person). Click here to schedule an appointment with Tabitha. Tabitha can also be reached via email at thanrion @

Drop-in Advising Information

Drop-in advising does not require an appointment. Drop-in appointments last up to fifteen minutes. 

Drop-in Advising - Autumn 2019 (Oct 2 - Dec 5) 
Monday/Tuesday 9:00-11:00AM
Wednesday/Thursday 1:30-3:30PM


Office of Student Services (Miller Hall Suite 206)
Regular Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

ECFS Advising Resources

ECFS Electives

ECFS Core Program Requirements

ECFS Teaching & Learning Option Requirements

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