New principal supervisor standards promise to boost principal success

Feb 3 2015

The release of the first-ever Principal Supervisor Performance Standards, created by the University of Washington’s District Leadership Design Lab (DL2), promises to help school systems across the nation strengthen the quality of teaching for all students.

Lectures to focus on moving teacher education forward

Thomas Philip
Jan 12 2015

The University of Washington College of Education will host a series of three talks this winter and spring focusing on some of the biggest issues in teacher education today.

The Boeing Teacher Education Scholars Series will feature:

The politics of education equity: Planning for pushback key to success

Jan 7 2015

Eliminating persistent achievement gaps in America's schools requires educational leaders who can plan for the inevitable pushback that equity-focused policies engender, two University of Washington College of Education professors argue in a new paper published in the journal Leadership and Policy in Schools.

Large-Scale Study to Evaluate the Impact of Principal Professional Development

Dec 19 2014

Beginning in 2015, a coalition of research and education institutions will launch a large-scale, randomized controlled trial evaluation of principal professional development funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences. The rigorous evaluation will provide evidence on the effectiveness of principal professional development and practical guidance to policymakers, states and school districts.

P-12 Leadership Preparation Programs

Student remixes Frankenstein

Nov 10 2014

In her 11 years as a teacher, Kate McMullen has regularly found herself called upon to serve as a leader. This past summer, the UW Master's in Instructional Leadership student found herself in yet another leadership position as she traveled to New York and joined 12 other teachers from around the world for Performance at the Center.

Culminating Inquiry Project

You will develop a focused inquiry project based on a problem or issue of instructional leadership practice in your home school or district.

About TLC: Instructional Leadership

The TLC Masters of Education with a Specialization in Instructional Leadership (TLC-IL) provides a pathway to teacher leadership for educators who value working closely with their colleagues on ins

Instructionally-Focused Teacher Leadership

The TLC Masters of Education with a Specialization in Instructional Leadership is organized around four strands of instructionally-focused teacher leadership:

Q&A with Specialization Director Sylvia Bagley

Q&A with Specialization Director Sylvia Bagley