Ideathon flyer: How do we meet the educational needs of immigrant & refugee children, youth, and families in our schools and communities?

What is Ideathon?

Ideathon is an intensive, 2-day experience in partnership with UW CoMotion and hosted by the College of Education, that challenges undergraduates to collaborate and innovate towards addressing a pressing need. The Education Faculty invite our students to address: How can we better address the educational needs of immigrant and refugee children, youth and families in our schools and communities?

Goals of the Event:

  • Help students understand the wide range of constituents involved in the complicated problems of education
  • Promote systems thinking (interconnected dynamic pieces of the puzzle)
  • Help students have a positive experience that they will share (excitedly) with others
  • Help students have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the experience
  • Provide opportunities for students to network with education and community-based professionals


JANUARY 20 at 6 PM
Maple Great Room
1135 NE Campus Pkwy, Seattle, WA 98105

For Students:

Friday, January 19 : 5pm-9pm
Saturday, January 20: 9am - 9pm 

Dinner included both days | Graduate student coaches | Get Academic Credit | Engage with community partners!
Apply by January 8

Questions? Email:

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