Diversity Ambassador: James “Lamar” Foster

Academic Background & Research Interests

Program Evaluation, Social & Emotional Needs, Ed Policy, Community-Engagement

Personal Background (any information you would like to share)

I grew up in a military family (mother and father served). I graduated high school in Germany, which is where my passion for students’ social and emotional needs was birthed. I have two sisters and I am married.

OSDI Ambassador I-Yun Su

Academic Background & Research Interests

I have earned my B.A. in Child and Family Studies in Fu Jen University in Taiwan. I am interested in how culture impact the development of the child and the formation of their identity.

Personal Background (any information you would like to share):

I was born in Taiwan. Experienced living and studying in Malaysia and China with my family when I was a child. Those experience made me interested in the impact of culture.

Diversity Ambassador: Elba Camila Moise

Academic Background and Research Interests

I have a B.A. in Psychology and Pre Health Minor, from St. Edward's University. I also a master in Public Health in International Health, Applied Medical Anthropology Minor and Graduate Certificate in College and University Teaching, Oregon State University.

My research interests are in access to higher education, student identity development, inclusive/equitable learning environments, critical pedagogy as a means for transformational learning, and dialogic practices for diversity preparedness.

Diversity Ambassador: Saejin Kwak

Academic Background and Research Interests

My research interests are in citizenship education, multicultural education, equity, identity, radical triangulation, critical race theory, and my background is in Hispanic languages and literature.

Personal Background

I am a 1.5 generation Koren-American who came to the U.S. when I was one. I grew up in Shrewsbury, MA, and did my undergrad in Pittsburgh with a semester abroad in Spain. I also lived in Chile for three years.

What Led You to Pursue a Degree in Education?

School Psychology

To provide financial assistance to graduate and/or Ph.D. students in the University of Washington College of Education School Psychology program. If no appropriate School Psychology candidate is identified in a given year, distributions shall be held and accumulated until such a student is identified.