Research That Matters is the flagship annual publication of the University of Washington College of Education, highlighting the depth and breadth of research being conducted at the College.

2020: Community as the Cornerstone

Education is central to creating a more equal and plural society. But educational systems, including colleges of education like ours, also maintain structures of oppression that harm communities of color. As an institution committed to the public good, the University of Washington College of Education carries a responsibility to take action and change this dynamic.

2019: Tipping Point

The College of Education carries a special responsibility to foster more equal systems of education.

2018: Centering Justice: The Future of Education

Explore the promise and possibilities of advancing educational justice, from early childhood through higher education. Learn how UW College of Education researchers are working to create opportunities for all children to fully explore and develop their individual identity and potential—and become optimistic, creative and valued members of society.

2017: Getting to Great Teaching

Our future here in the Northwest and throughout the nation is inextricably linked to how well we prepare the scientists, artists, entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow to take up the pressing challenges that lie ahead. Do we want today’s students to be critical thinkers? Active participants in civic life? Able to bring an entrepreneurial mindset to the challenges facing society? To be resilient and compassionate citizens? If so, we must invest in great teaching.

2016: The Power of Partnership

Explore how the UW College of Education is partnering with teachers, school leaders, families, social service agencies and community organizations throughout Washington State and beyond to make learning come alive for all students.

2015: Passion & Promise

The UW College of Education approaches the biggest challenges in education with a spirit of possibility. This issue explores our innovative work in early education, professional development for educators, STEM instruction, social-emotional well-being and multicultural education.

2014: Breaking Out

Bold, break-out thinking is at the heart of our new hands-on work at the College of Education. Our researchers are partnering with Washington’s most challenging, poverty- impacted schools, and moving inside them to work side-by- side with educators to reach underserved students.

2013: Powerful Partnerships

Learn about researchers who are partnering with schools, districts, and communities to turn around deficit-based assumptions, create learning opportunities for all students, and ensure all voices are heard as we move toward more equitable education systems.

2012: Turning the Page: A New Look at 21st Century Literacy Instruction

Literacy gaps, connected to social and material inequities, divide today’s classrooms. Our researchers are exploring new, evidence-based strategies to boost reading and writing skills inside those classrooms.

2011: Learning Across the Lifespan

Understanding education across the lifespan enables our researches to design smart, system-wide strategies for closing the achievement gap.