Meeting State Standards in Writing and Reading, and Using Computers for Reading-Writing

Purpose of the Research

Teachers are held accountable for all of their students meeting state standards in writing and reading, yet little research exists on how best to do so in the upper elementary, middle school, and beginning high school grades. The goal of this research is to show how computerized instruction based on over 20 years of research on normal writing and reading development can help more students meet these high stakes standards. We will also evaluate the optimal computer tools for writing for individual students. Related brain imaging and genetics studies are available for interested participants.

Learn More about the Study

The University of Washington Interdisciplinary Learning Disabilities Center (Principal Investigator, Virginia W. Berninger) is recruiting students who are typical Oral and Written Language Learners (OWLs) in grades 4 to 9 and students who have specific learning disabilities in handwriting (dysgraphia), word reading and spelling (dyslexia), or putting words together in oral or written language (OWL LD). Please contact Dr. Berninger at for further information, but please do not send confidential information such as prior assessments over email.

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