Increasing the success of a range of students who exhibit behavior problems in more inclusive settings has been the focus of my career. Much of my research examines effective... Read More
Adjunct Faculty
Ismael Fajardo, PhD, is an adjunct faculty in the College of Education at the University of Washington and serves as the lead researcher and evaluator at the City of Seattle... Read More
Program Affiliations:
Associate Professor
I believe that the ultimate goal of assessments should not only reflect students’ learning outcomes, but also, which is more important, improve students’ learning. My... Read More
Associate Professor
My teaching and research interests are focused on appropriate use of statistical methods in educational research, with greatest emphasis on research using experimental design.... Read More
My research interests are in the area of applied behavior analysis and early childhood special education. Specifically, I am interested in understanding what instructional... Read More
Senior Lecturer
Research and Teaching Interests My current teaching and research focuses on developing individual-student behavior assessments and supports within school-wide positive behavior... Read More
Associate Professor
Dr. Min Sun is an Associate Professor in Education Policy. She specializes in economics of education, educator labor markets and effectiveness, school accountability and... Read More
Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest Multilevel/multidimensional/mixture Item response theory (IRT) models for both dichotomous and polytomous responses (e.g., Likert scales, nominal responses... Read More