Prospective visiting scholars should inquire well in advance of the time of their anticipated visit. Please note the following requirements:

  • Professorial appointment at home institution. University of Washington policy requires that all visiting scholars have regular professorial faculty appointments in established academic departments at their home institutions of higher learning to which they will return when their University of Washington visit ends. Requirements pertaining to financial and insurance matters can be found at these two UW websites:
  • Faculty sponsor.  Before the College can extend an invitation, and in order to ensure that our visiting scholars have a point-of-connection during their stay, we require that a member of our faculty agree to act as a sponsor for the duration of the visiting scholar’s time with us.  When we receive a request without an identified faculty sponsor, we usually contact the members of our faculty whose interests represent the closest match to those of the visitor.

Application procedures:

  • Visiting scholar requests must include
    • Letter from the prospective visitor giving a brief sketch of the visitor’s teaching and research background, explaining what the visitor proposes to work on while here and why this College is a desirable or appropriate place to carry out that work
    • A curriculum vita, including publications
    • Specific dates (year[s] and months) of the proposed visit.

These documents must be received either in “hard copies” or electronically as pdf attachments.

  • If the prospective visitor does not identify a faculty sponsor, the Associate Dean for Research will circulate requests to appropriate faculty members for review and recommendation.
  • If one or more faculty members express interest in hosting a visiting scholar, and when there is no expressed opinion to the contrary, the faculty sponsor, in conjunction with the Human Resources Manager, will send a formal letter of invitation.

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