Part-Time Instructor

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Matt Hin
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Job Location: 
Bellevue, Washington
Position Description: 
As a part-time instructor at the Art of Problem Solving Academy in Bellevue, you will be leading small, in-person classes of primary and secondary level students. Our academy provides a strong mathematics and language arts enrichment program for families in and around the Bellevue area. We are currently growing our math and language arts programs and are looking for part-time instructors. We believe that our academy provides an ideal environment for both new and veteran instructors. We offer in-person classes after-school, during the evenings, and throughout the weekend. The students who apply to our program are motivated, eager learners who are up for a challenge. Since class plans are pre-made, no lesson planning is required beyond preparation of the content. There is no grading of homework, only exams and projects at the end of each academic term, for which there is additional compensation. We also provide a support network for new instructors looking to develop their pedagogy in our halls and our veteran instructors appreciate the unique teaching experiences they have with our brilliant learners. For more information about our Academy, please visit: For more details about available positions, please visit:
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Target Audience: 
Undergraduate Alumni
Graduate Alumni
Master in Teaching Alumni (certified teachers)
Graduate Students
Master in Teaching Students
Application Deadline Date: 
Saturday, December 31, 2022