Writing and Math Tutor for elementary student

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Kavita Fitzpatrick
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Greenlake, Seattle WA
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Hello, I am looking for tutoring assistance for my 8 yr old son. He is a bright and curious child but avoids writing and math because it is hard for him and he isn't confident enough with it. What he really needs is getting into a cadence with regular practice doing it. He attends a Montessori school and for the most part can choose what he wants to focus/work on each each week, but he avoids anything with writing and math and so doesn't get the repetition and practice that one would normally get at school. I am looking for a student/graduate to work with Kieran on really simple elements of writing - practicing writing alphabets so he knows all his letters, learn spelling (1st - 3rd grade levels of spelling), be able to write a paragraph or a page on any topic. For Math, he has learned dynamic addition and subtraction and is moving to multiplication. But he still counts on his fingers. It would be great for someone to work with him on his Math facts and just practice various math concepts in a fun and engaging manner. Ideally I would like someone to work with Kieran 3x/ week. If the candidate has a car, they can pick him up from school (in Phinney), drive him home and then work with him for ~ 1hr)... So approx 6hrs / week. We are flexible though and could just do tutoring only for 3 hrs/week if someone can't do the pickup.
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Undergraduate Students
Undergraduate Alumni
Graduate Alumni
Master in Teaching Alumni (certified teachers)
Graduate Students
Master in Teaching Students
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Monday, October 31, 2022