webinar january 14 2022

Community Conversations: Leveraging "Good Disruption" for Educational Justice

Given how much the pandemic has disrupted all facets of life ― schooling, relationships and civic engagement, to name just a few ― how do we decide which disruptions are worth keeping and building on? How can decision makers ensure that the critical lessons learned during the time of the pandemic are not lost in a desire for a “return to normal”?

Now that schools have reopened, many have shifted focus to the perceived "learning loss" created by these disruptions and are returning to the old inequitable practices. Instead, what if we leverage how families, educators and community partners have been engaging in "good disruption" to meet the needs of students and families? In this webinar, we will explore the complexities of these questions through the stories of three of our local community partners: Washington STEM, Supporting Partnerships in Education & Beyond (SPEB) and Boys & Girls Clubs of King County.

Join Dana Arviso, director of the Unite:Ed initiative at the UW College of Education, for a chance to learn from the unique perspectives of community partners and doctoral students in Unite:ED's Community Partner Fellows program. Teachers, principals, parents and guardians, community and district leaders and other education decision makers will benefit from this discussion into the critical lessons of the past two years.


Dana Arviso, director of Unite:ED, UW College of Education


Dr. Jenée Myers Twitchell (Chief Impact Officer) & Henedina Tavares (Community Partner Fellow), Washington STEM
Regina Elmi (Executive Director) & Ai-Khanh Nguyen (Community Partner Fellow), Supporting Partnerships in Education & Beyond
Stacy Kain (Executive Director of Program Quality) & Huiyu Lin (Community Partner Fellow), Boys & Girls Clubs of King County


"Community First: Unite:ED is the College of Education's 'Front Door' for Community" in "Community as Cornerstone: Rising Together for Justice," Research That Matters 2020-2021.

"Arundhati Roy: 'The pandemic is a portal,'" Financial Times, April 3, 2020.

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Community Conversations: Shaping the American Rescue Plan's Impact on Education

How can schools and districts equitably deploy the funds coming to Washington state educational systems through the Biden Administration's American Rescue Plan?

Join Dr. Anthony Craig, Professor of Practice and Director of the Leadership for Learning (L4L) Program at the UW College of Education, for an important dialogue with community partners and subject matter experts about the American Rescue Plan's impact on public education.

As Washington begins receiving its portion of the $170 billion in relief funds designed to support the overwhelming costs that educational institutions and students have absorbed in coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, how can decision makers ensure that these funds are used to expand educational justice? In this webinar we will explore the complexities of building more just and equitable education systems, as well as how funds from the American Rescue Plan will play a critical role in shaping the future of education in Washington and beyond.

Principals, district leaders, community leaders, and other decision makers in education will benefit from this discussion into the complexities and nuances of the Biden Administration's one-time disbursement of funds.


Dr. Anthony Craig, Professor of Practice and Director of the Leadership for Learning (L4L) Program, UW College of Education


Regina Elmi, Executive Director, Supporting Partnerships in Education & Beyond
Dr. Gloria Henderson, Director of Opportunity, Equity & Inclusion, Lake Washington School District
Dr. David Knight, Assistant Professor, Educational Foundations, Leadership & Policy, UW College of Education
Jacob Vela, Director of Policy, League of Education Voters


OSPI Priorities for ESSER Funds.pdf (www.k12.wa.us)

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