Summer Course 2016: EDC&I 505A (Seattle) B EDUC 520 A (Bothell)

July 5th – July 15th

Richard MilnerRace and Poverty in Schools and Society: Implications for Teaching

This course focuses on the role, interconnectedness, and salience of race and poverty in society and schools. It shepherds educators into asking essential questions about racism, classism, and inequity pervasive in our schools, communities, and society. It also proposes educational strategies—supported by research—to address and respond to the needs of all students, especially those of color and those who live below the poverty line.  The course addresses macro- and micro-level challenges and possible solutions to race and poverty by centralizing and drawing from the inherent strengths and assets that students of color and students from low-income backgrounds bring to a learning environment.  Special attention will be placed on curriculum development, instructional practices, and social policy.

H. Richard Milner is Helen Faison Professor of Urban Education and Director of the Center for Urban Education at the University of Pittsburgh. Professor Milner’s research, teaching, and policy interests concern urban education, teacher education, African American literature, and the sociology of education.  In particular, Professor Milner’s research examines practices and policies that support teacher effectiveness in urban schools. Professor Milner’s work has appeared in numerous journals, and he has authored six books. His books include Start where you are but don’t stay there: Understanding diversity, opportunity gaps, and teaching in today’s classrooms (Harvard Education Press, 2010). This book has been recognized with two awards: the 2012 American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Outstanding Book Award, and the 2011 American Educational Studies Association Critics’ Choice Book Award. His most recent book is Rac(e)ing to class: Confronting poverty and race in schools (Harvard Education Press, 2015). He is editor-in-chief of Urban Education and co-editor of the Handbook of Urban Education, published by Routledge in 2014.

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