Joe Camacho (MIT '17) is helping students at Seattle's Mount Rainier High School forge their futures.
Graduate student Anna Ewing has dedicated herself to helping people with development disabilities achieve their full potential.
For many low-income and immigrant youth, picturing themselves in a STEM-related career can seem out of reach. A UW partnership with Seattle's Neighborhood House is helping young people see the STEM in them.
Christy Harris (MIT ‘12) discovered her passion for teaching at the UW College of Education. As a teacher leader in Seattle Public Schools, she’s helping advance ambitious teaching.
The UW’s INSPIRE initiative is bringing educators and researchers together to develop innovative teaching practices in real time—and help teachers build their practice.
Emma Elliott-Groves (PhD '16) works to make a difference for young people experiencing trauma—while staying connected to others and to community.
UW's research power and the expertise of local educators is being combined in a regional effort to make sure all children have access to great teaching.