Great teachers inspire. Care about every student. Empower learning.

Teaching is the most important school-based factor influencing student performance and lifelong outcomes. Yet in Washington, too many students—especially those most at-risk—lack access to highly-skilled, passionate and culturally-responsive teaching.

Why? Too many would-be teachers are deterred by the prospect of taking on heavy debt, while a lack of professional support contributes to high turnover. So we don’t just need teachers. We need teachers who are well-prepared and supported, who are passionate learners, and who reflect our diverse communities.


We prepare teachers for the classrooms where they’re needed most.

Our teacher candidates train alongside master teachers and world-renowned UW faculty in poverty-impacted, complex school environments.

These future teachers dedicate more than 200,000 hours of service annually to local schools while developing evidence-based, ambitious teaching practices.

UW teacher candidates enter Washington’s teacher workforce with the most highly-sought endorsements in special education, teaching English language learners and STEM disciplines.


Great teachers are passionate about learning—and they give their all to instill that passion in their students.

Our teacher candidates are driven to help all students discover strengths. To fight for students who need someone in their corner. That dedication, honed by rigorous preparation, positions these future educators to challenge and advocate for all students.

Our professional development programs are embedded in local schools and co-designed by UW faculty and the teachers themselves. This approach sparks improved student performance and more empowered, confident teaching.

Whether new to the profession or a veteran, we support all teachers in pursuit of lifelong learning—for themselves and for their students.


Today’s reality of linguistically, culturally and socio-economically diverse school environments demands experience, empathy and inventive thinking.

We believe attracting diverse teacher candidates into the profession is essential to supporting the success of our students, while our faculty are experts in culturally-responsive teaching.

Our programs and their pedagogy focus on critical issues impacting teaching and learning such as race, citizenship status, language, power and privilege.

Support great teachers and teaching

Every child deserves access to great teaching. Join our campaign to put talented, passionate and diverse teachers in every classroom—and provide high quality professional development for practicing teachers throughout Washington State.

Recruiting great teachers

The biggest barrier to attracting passionate, talented and diverse educators is the financial burden of certification. The College of Education aspires to create 50 teaching endowments to provide a cost-free education and move these outstanding teachers into Washington’s public schools each year.

World-class preparation and professional development

The College’s teacher preparation and professional development programs are nationally recognized for their innovative design: they are immersive, collaborative and bring novices together with seasoned practitioners and experts.

Advancing teacher training

The College of Education plays an essential role in advancing the quality of teacher preparation and professional development across our state and nation. Our PhD students become teacher educators in Washington and beyond, magnifying our impact and approach throughout the country.

What you care about can change the world.

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