Ambassadors help the College of Education deepen its impact through thought-partnership, outreach and advocacy. Driving positive change in the field of education requires collective action. Ambassadors increase their understanding of the prevailing issues impacting education and learn about College research, partnerships and outcomes. In turn, they communicate their discoveries within spheres of influence.

Chris Ackerley
Diana Ackerley
Ted Ackerley
Danielle Ackerley
James Banks
Cherry Banks
Howard Behar
Debbi Brainerd
Jon Bridge
Tim Burgess
Anthony Byrd
Stacey Runstad Campbell
Dwane Chappelle
Kim Ackerley Cleworth
Julie Davis
Dee Dickinson
Trish Millines Dziko
Susan Enfield
Staci Foster
Carver Gayton
Jodi Green
Alyssa Kreider
Mary Kollar
Janet Levinger
Nate Miles
Kimberly Lasher Mitchell
Martha Moseley
Lynn Pigott Mowe
Don Nielsen
Colin Nguyen
Susan Potts
Telca Porras
Srilakshmi Remala
Jonathan Roberts
Judy Runstad
Keisha Scarlett
Bill Sunderland
Mark Torrance
Sherrelle Walker
Calvin Watts
Daniel Zavala


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The Bezos Family Foundation's donation offers a lasting opportunity to influence the UW College of Education's research and programs in early education.

Professor Meredith Honig comments on school districts' administrative salaries and the relationship to the quality of education.

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Patrick Sexton is assistant dean of teacher education programs at the University of Washington College of Education and president of the Washington Association of Colleges for Teacher Education.

UW College of Education students presented their EDU Talks on May 11, 2018. Speakers: Andrew Vo, Brian Carpenter, Josiah Gikungi, Gina Tesoriero, April Boyce, Davis Boswell, Kevin Roberts, Kim Boudreau, Michelle Davis, Nathan Hoston, Natalia Esquivel Silva, Roxana Chiappa Baros.