Ambassadors help the College of Education deepen its impact through thought-partnership, outreach and advocacy. Driving positive change in the field of education requires collective action. Ambassadors increase their understanding of the prevailing issues impacting education and learn about College research, partnerships and outcomes. In turn, they communicate their discoveries within spheres of influence.

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Latest Features

Cultivate Learning at the University of Washington has an exciting new resource, the Partnership for Pre-K Improvement (PPI) Toolkit, which is dedicated...

“There was never a time when we needed caretakers more than during the pandemic — we still need them,” says Seattle Public Schools (SPS) Chief Academic Officer Keisha Scarlett. “Families have...

Recent Press

Deb Morrison, Research Scientist for the College of Education, is featured in an article by the Financial Times titled “Schools face calls to boost environmental teaching.” In the article, she makes the case for integrating climate change into existing subjects, rather than developing standalone courses, given that timetables are already crowded and the pace of change is fast. She also stresses the importance of training teachers and emphasizing different pedagogical styles, rather than simply distributing materials in the classroom. “Without more thoughtful approaches, we’ll just have more stuff shoved on to teachers’ desks with no support,” Morrison says. “We have a lot of accountability measures for teachers but not much money to support them teaching better.”

Jennifer Lee Hoffman, associate professor and affiliated faculty member with the Center for Leadership in Athletics is featured in a new article from WalletHub detailing the best cities for soccer fans. In a special Q&A embedded within the article, Lee Hoffman brings her expertise on athlete rights, the growth of esports, and the changing landscape governing NIL and athlete entrepreneurship to discuss the biggest issues facing U.S. soccer today and the long-term outlook for professional soccer in this country, among other topics.

Featured Videos

In Seattle Public Schools, strengthening support for first-year teachers is an essential element of diversifying its workforce, with research assistance from the University of Washington College of Education. First-year teacher Halle Mahlik and her mentor Lana Sumner, along with Professor Min Sun, discuss the school district's Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) program and the importance of supporting teachers of color who are entering the profession.

Washington's ClimeTime initiative is an ambitious statewide effort to boost teaching about climate, with University of Washington learning scientists playing a key role. Learn how educators are engaging students in evidence-based critical analysis as they learn about the impacts of climate change in this virtual reality video narrated by Philip Bell, Shauna C. Larson Chair in Learning Sciences and executive director of the UW's Institute for Science + Mathematics Education.