Our vision

We believe it’s possible to make learning come alive for all students. We believe our students are capable of amazing things when given the opportunity to reveal their strengths.

A spirit of promise infuses everything we do. From preparing the next generation of teachers to investigating the most challenging issues facing our schools, we believe our students, educators and communities possess incredible potential.

We aren’t afraid to try new things. To innovate. To break through what’s been done and reimagine education. Together, we can change education in our region so all our young people see their futures filled with promise.

Our fundraising goals

Your passion over the years has helped us identify our strengths and six key areas where you can help us make a difference through our $65 million campaign. You have helped us reach 85 percent of our goal, with gifts totaling more than $55 million as of May 8, 2017. Thank you donors!

Our key priorities include:

  • Ackerley School Partnership Endowment — Strengthen College partnerships with poverty-impacted public schools and districts with a focus on improving access to great teaching for all students.
  • Tomorrow’s Great Teachers Today Scholarship Fund — Help close opportunity and achievement gaps in the Puget Sound by supporting passionate future teachers who are dedicated to serving in poverty-impacted schools.
  • Excellence in Education Research Fellowships — Support passionate young scholars at the forefront of educational innovation as they partner with local schools and communities to research the most pressing issues of our time.
  • Cradle to Career Innovation Fund — Support the UW College of Education’s emerging, high-impact research partnerships for innovation across the entire P-20 education continuum and expand access to great teaching and learning for all.
  • Dream Project Excellence Fund — Help first-generation and low-income middle and high school students achieve the dream of attending and graduating from college.
  • Haring Center Fund for Inclusion — Help create a world where children of all abilities learn, play and grow together by supporting research, service and training in inclusive education at the Haring Center.

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UW College of Education faculty will discuss what works in early learning March 28 at Seattle Children's Museum during EDU Talks: Raising Washington.

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