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Welcome to “Wednesday Window,” a semi-regular way for your leadership team to share timely information and a “window" into the work we do on behalf of our College. Our goal is to provide curated, relevant information no more than twice a month.

Carol's update

dominos fallingThe new academic year is here and there are so many exciting things to tell you. In case you are new to the college or had a long summer vacation (stayed away from email), I am the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and this is my second year in this new expanded role. I work with area chairs, directors, assistant deans, finance staff, student services staff, human resources and a myriad of others across the college and university to assist the college in delivering academic programs. While assisting with academic planning may not seem like a big job, it does relate to other activities in the college and sometimes feels like knocking over the first in a row of dominos, setting off a chain of consequences, some predictable while others are unanticipated. Here are some beginning of the year topics that you should know about.

Academic planning...if it feels like it never ends, that’s because each year we make changes to the current year (19-20), modify the year we finished planning in the Spring (20-21), and start planning two years from now (21-22). Knowing we work on 3 years in any one given year helps explain the complexity of the process. It is important to participate in area-wide course planning and always communicate with your chair about any anticipated changes. Your chair is your pathway to successful course planning -- be kind! As many of you know, we are thrilled Kate Calisto has joined us as Academic Planning Curriculum Manager and wanted to thank Paula Wetterhan for keeping the systems running last spring in the interim.  

Our undergraduate programs continue to grow (7% in 2019) and thrive while our graduate programs continue to produce high quality scholars and teachers. To further that goal, our Measurement and Statistics faculty, Liz, Min, and Chun, spent time this summer evaluating and revising their college-wide offerings and we are looking forward to hearing about these exciting changes. Following their lead, I hope this year we will collectively refocus on graduate programs by examining our curriculum and identifying strategies and  resources to build sustainable programs at both the masters and doctoral levels. I am looking forward to hearing about your programs and ideas for a successul year.

Deb's update

As Associate Dean for Research and Innovation, I'll be using my periodic posts to update you on our collective research endeavors, as well as College infrastructure intended to support that work. This inaugural post extends kudos for a productive research year in FY19!   

The University’s Fiscal Year 2019 closed on June 30, and during FY19 COE faculty received 60 awards totaling nearly $23.7M and ranging in size from $2,500 to $9.4M. These numbers include annual allocations on continuing grants as well as new awards. The upper bar on the graph below shows how those dollars were distributed across funders with various indirect cost rates, which is of interest since indirect rates have implications for College revenue. The lower bar shows how those grants, in terms of numbers, were distributed across funders with various indirect cost rates. (Note to PIs, new or continuing: Please be sure to schedule regular meetings with your finance manager to best manage those funds.)

In addition, in FY19 COE faculty submitted 90 research proposals for a total requested amount of $17.3M. This number does not include the 30 grants submitted since July 1, including 12 IES proposals. (When you see Louise Clauss, be sure to thank her for all her assistance with these proposals.)

Grants support our work as well as our students; thanks for the great efforts!

Santhi's Update

Shout-Outs to Great Staff

GratitudeWelcome back to another promising academic year! Two years ago, I joined CoE and since then, have had the wonderful opportunity to get to know the talented and hard-working people who keep the place thriving. While many outside the daily happenings are unaware of the behind-the-scenes component of creating an academically stimulating environment, I have witnessed so much for which to be thankful. My inaugural blog is all about thanksgiving to our team. So, to get the ball rolling, here are a few shout-outs to our wonderful team:

1) Yolonda, Michael, Kent and Justine for helping our faculty move out and move in.  A special shout out to Yolonda who had to make sure that rooms are cleaned, painted, furniture ordered, people and furniture moved and a host of other details for a total of 15 faculty members and the Gilman building! With Facilities being backlogged, this is no easy task!

2) Melody – our Institutional Research Director who has been tirelessly meeting all of the Dean Team’s data requests for doctoral student funding, class sizes and who within her first year here, worked with Paul Hanisko and me to come up with our revised SCH 400/4.  Recently, she worked on a TEP data project that received much kudos from our TEP colleagues. Fun Fact: Did you know she was in a family band as a kid and even played at Bumbershoot a couple of years?

3) “Bureaucracy destroys initiative,” but not for our HR team led by Bernadette. This summer there was the launch of the ONARF (formerly known as the blue form) — a collaboration across stakeholders — Payroll, IT Finance, along with ASTs and faculty. Fun Fact: Did you know that since the pilot in January 2019 and through full implementation in May 2019, we have completed 620 online forms and have 150 forms in various stages? We are on track to exceed 1,000 forms for the calendar year. Folks, that’s a lot of paper  that just went online (yes, I know it increased our online time). 

4) Our IT Director — Yanko Michea — put forth various initiatives that you will hear more about at the faculty retreat to improve both student and faculty experience. Fun Fact: Yanko is also an MD with training in psychotherapy and hypnosis!

Shout out to the indomitable Paul Hanisko who sat through the various iterations stoically as we contemplated the ONARF form.


"Finance is not merely about making money. It's about achieving our deep goals and protecting the fruits of our labor. It's about stewardship and, therefore, about achieving the good society." And that is exactly what our finance team, led by Erika, does. Despite multiple competing deadlines and covering vacancies, this team of ours closed the biennium successfully with less than a 2% variance. and had clean audits! Learn more at the retreat! Fun Fact: We have 514 budgets to reconcile, which means that as a college we must reconcile 6,168 months of transactions!

5) And finally, thank you Maile Sanders for your service to the College of Education. We will remember you with warm thoughts and memories. Best wishes to you and your family in the future! And to wonderful adventures in Mokum!

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the year! We will get into the weeds!

With gratitude,