Hi! I am excited to be a part of this student support system and work to ensure that we have a harmonious and safe educational environment here at UW's College of Education.

I believe my strength is the multi-cultural understanding as I have lived on three different continents and have experience how the diversity in culture interact in an educational community. If you have any obstacles related to academia, adjustment, and finding support groups/communities, you can email me or drop by during my office hours to chat. I am super friendly and I will answer all of your questions! (If I do not have the answers, I promise I will find them for you).

My research interest is in the area of decolonizing measurement tools for emotional health and wellbeing in people with marginalized identities (BIPOC, international, LGBTQ+, and neurodiverse). I am super into psychometrics and statistical modeling!  If you are interested in chatting about that or if you have a similar research interest, I will be happy to talk to you as well!

Excited to meet you all. And I can't wait to become your biggest fan for the upcoming quarters!

Study Program:Learning Sciences & Human Development Ph.D.
Office Hours: By Appointment