Throughout the year, the OSDI hosts a series of workshops, seminars, and events targeted to our prospective and current students. These activities vary from professional or academic development to community building and personal support. 

2017-2018 Academic Year

Fall 2017

  • OSDI Graduate International Student Orientation 
  • OSDI Graduate Student of Color Orientation
  • Coffee Tuesdays
  • Kick-off BBQ at Gasworks Park | Photos of the Event
  • Social Justice Workshop 
  • Diversity Ambassador Training and Orientation
  • United States K-12 Education System Workshop
  • OSDI Fall Community Potluck

2015-2016 Academic Year

Spring 2016

  • Coffee Mondays | Photos of the Event
  • Prospective Student Days
  • Pipeline Project Roundtable Session: Gain Experience as an Undergraduate Instructor
  • United States K-12 Education Workshop: Common Core and Higher Education | Photos of the Event
  • Courage and Renewal Event
  • Resume & Cover Letter Lab for COE Students
  • Playdate for COE Student Parents and Their Kids: Bubbling with Kids!
  • CulturalFest Showcase and Potluck | Photos of the Event
  • Brotherhood Initiative Presentation and Talk about Common Book
  • BBQeer
  • OSDI Graduation

Winter 2016

Fall 2015

Featured Stories

Professor Soojin Oh Park at EDU Talks: Raising Washington
Leading early learning researchers shared their insights into what educators, communities and Washington state can do to give all children a fair start during EDU Talks.
Django Paris
This January, Django Paris will join the College as the inaugural holder of the James A. and Cherry A. Banks Professorship in Multicultural Education and incoming director of the Banks Center for Educational Justice.