Throughout the year, the OSDI hosts a series of workshops, seminars, and events targeted to our prospective and current students. These activities vary from professional or academic development to community building and personal support. 

International Student Guide

Find everything you need to know about life as an international student at College of Education, UW.

2019-2020 Academic Year

Fall 2019

  • OSDI Graduate International Student Orientation 
  • OSDI Graduate Student of Color Orientation
  • Coffee Tuesdays (Themes:)
    • International Coffee Day
    • Breast Cancer Awareness
    • Indigenous People's Day
    • Undergraduate Appreciation Day
    • Diwali
    • Dia de los Muertos
    • Honoring Veterans of Color
    • Study Break with OSS
  • OSDI Kick-off BBQ
    • Sat, Oct. 5th | 3:30 - 6:30 PM | Gaswork Park
  • Graduate School Application Bootcamp - Online
    • Fri, Oct. 11th | 5 - 7 PM
  • Diversity Ambassadors Team Building
    • Fri, Oct. 25th | 1 - 3 PM | Escape Room
  • CoE Faculty of Color Spotlight
  • Graduate School Application Bootcamp - On-Site
    • Mon, Nov. 18th | 6 - 8 PM | Miller 215
  • School Visit + U.S. K-12 Education Workshop
  • Community Potluck
    • Fri, Dec. 6th

COE Featured Stories

Undergraduate and graduate students named to the 2020 cohort reflect on their efforts to advance educational equity through their experiences on campus and in the community.
Asiya-Bontu Mohammed is focused on helping young people in Seattle's Oromo community achieve their aspirations in STEM fields.