Diversity Ambassador (DA) 2021-2022

Priority Application Timeframe: Nov 1 - 15, 2021

Undergraduate DA Application | Graduate DA Application

Diversity Ambassadors (DAs) help build a vibrant community within the CoE through a partnership with The Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion. By bringing in conversation around historically excluded identities and advocating for equity, DAs emphasize the importance of authenticity in diversity and inclusion in our community.

We work to ensure that the DA opportunity will be meaningful and valuable. DAs will further their expertise in working with historically excluded individuals by working with the OSDI and attending professional development training throughout the academic year. If you are interested but will not be able to remain in the position for the whole year, please email osdi@uw.edu so we can have a conversation about this opportunity.

What’s new for this year’s program?

Based on the feedback from last year, our program focuses are broken down to three primary areas. We seek diversity ambassadors who wish to contribute across all three areas. 

1. Student Voice and Experience - share your own experience as a student of the CoE, bring in peers’ concerns and recommendations for unit improvements, talk about your program(s) through the lens of diversity and inclusion

2. Students’ Intersectional Realities - share your experiences with inequality and inequity as a person with multiple historically-excluded identities, advocate for communication that enhances understanding and perpetuate changes, bring in ideas regarding intersectionality in academic and social settings

3. Navigating Resources - highlight diversity resources on- and off-campus (such as accessibility and accommodations on campus, learning aids, community resources, and career-related supports), share your experience navigating and utilizing resources

Recruitment responsibilities include:

  • Review and offer feedback on prospective students’ application questions.
  • Attend and help facilitate Application Bootcamps in the Autumn Quarter.
  • Conduct campus tours for prospective students to emphasize diversity resources and points of interest relevant to a specific field of study.
  • Meet and make contact with prospective students.
  • Field prospective students’ questions via email, phone and/or in person.
  • Be an ongoing contact/resource to prospective students throughout the application and admission decision processes.
  • Attend at least one Prospective Student Days in the spring.
  • Assist OSDI staff with social media campaigns


Retention responsibilities include:

  • Field current students’ questions via email, phone and/or in person as needed.
  • Be an ongoing contact/resource to current students throughout the academic year.
  • Attend and help facilitate a variety of retention programs and events
  • Assist with the OSDI’s effort to diversify ways to gather students’ voices and concerns
  • Provide recommendations to improving OSDI programs and resource platforms
  • Offer tours or visits to various places in Seattle that emphasize the diversity resources and points of interest relevant to a specific field of study.
  • Help build a welcoming, nurturing, diverse and inclusive community of learners and practitioners at COE.

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If you have any questions please let us know at osdi@uw.edu


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