The Office of Student Diversity & Inclusion is here to serve you, both in-person and remotely! 

OSDI continues to offer its services during the 2021-22 school year to both current and prospective students. If you need support of any kind, we want to help. You can connect with our Graduate Staff Assistants, Palmy, Tsewone, and Waleed, by sending an email to We are available to connect via Zoom, by phone, and email. 

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The Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion (OSDI) is the new name for the office formerly known as the Office of Minority Recruitment and Retention. The OSDI receives a proud legacy of work focused on building and sustaining a supportive community in which diverse beliefs, perspectives, and values have enhanced the entire College of Education community for more than 10 years.

Today, the mission of the OSDI is to create social, educational, and professional spaces and networks of UW College of Education students of color, international students, students from other underrepresented groups, and allies to build community, access one another as resources and support systems, and share conversations about diversity and inclusion in education. Furthermore, the OSDI also remains committed to providing leadership and support for the development of diversity and inclusion in all aspects of teaching, research, service, scholarship and learning. We strive to create a diverse community of students who are our future leaders, thinkers, researchers, educators, and decision-makers.


OSDI is back in person! Woot woot! Please feel free to check our office hours below and make plans to visit us as you need. We are located in the Office of Student Services, at the end of the building (the opposite end of the Dean's office)

Because this is a time where safety is the most prioritized, an OSDI staff might not be able to make all office hours listed on the website in-person. However, they will be available via the OSDI community Zoom room (Zoom ID: 939 0275 5432) if a student needs to speak to them!

Virtual appointments can still be made if you wish to get in contact with the OSDI in that way! Scheduling here: Palmy, Tsewone, Waleed.

Staff Office Hours: Spring 2022

Palmy: Monday 1.30pm - 4.30pm, Tuesday 11am - 2.30pm, Wednesday 1.30am - 5pm, Thursday 11.30pm - 1.30pm

Waleed: Monday 12pm - 3pm, Tuesday 11am to 2pm, Wednesday 12pm - 3pm, Thursday 11am - 2pm

Tsewone: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurday 11am - 3pm

Yiming: Tuesday 11am - 2pm, Wednesday 1pm - 4pm, Thursday 1pm - 3pm


OSDI Office Hours Spring 2022


Recruitment Services & Programs

The OSDI represents the College of Education’s commitment to diversity and access to higher education. We do this by connecting prospective students to information, faculty, staff, and most importantly current students, so that they may begin to foster an educational and social environment and support system. Our office provides support services and events to assist all students to successfully apply to graduate school, transition to graduate life and become leaders in their communities and fields.

  • Application Bootcamp
  • 1-on-1 Services
  • Prospective Student Days
  • Diversity Ambassadors
  • Next-Generation Mentorship Program

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Retention Services & Programs

The OSDI offers comprehensive support from start to finish of your educational journey at the College of Education. We do this by building meaningful relationships with and among students through intentional programming and advising. Our office understands the holistic experience of graduate education, particularly for the students we serve. We work to address the concerns and needs of our students as well as celebrate their successes at each milestone, no matter the magnitude.

  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Community Engagement
  • Resources
  • Get Involved
  • Allies and Advocates

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