If you meet the below criteria, you are eligible to apply for graduate study at the University of Washington (UW). We welcome and value international students and hope that you decide to submit an application.

  • Have you earned the equivalent of at least a four-year U.S. bachelor's degree? (See the Prior Degree Requirements section below.)

  • Have you demonstrated English Language Proficiency?

  • If you are using the TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo to demonstrate English language proficiency, do your scores meet the minimum requirements?

  • If the graduate program to which you are applying does not offer any funding, do you have other sources that allow you to meet the tuition obligations?

How to Apply

International applicants must complete the Graduate School's online application for admission.  Once the application has been completed and submitted (including payment of the $85 application fee), applicants must note the following:

  1. Send an electronic official TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo score report if using test scores to demonstrate English Language Proficiency

  2. If you are offered admission, the Graduate School will request further documentation and transcripts.  

Prior Degree Requirements

The UW must assess the academic preparation of international students. The evaluation of a foreign degree is based on the following:

  • The national system of education in the foreign country.

  • The type of institution attended.

  • The field of study and level of studies completed.

You must have at least the four-year equivalent of a U.S. bachelor's degree from an institution of recognized standing to apply for admission. Please review the Graduate School's minimum admission requirements.

When to Apply

The application deadlines for international and domestic applicants are the same. Please review program deadlines.

College of Education Graduate Degree Programs

The College of Education application requirements vary by program and degree.  International applicants must meet both international applicant requirements as well as College of Education requirements.  

Application Fee

The non-refundable application fee is $85. You must submit an application and fee for each graduate program to which you are applying. The fee payment is the last step to complete in the online application and can be paid by Visa or Mastercard.


Unofficial transcripts can be uploaded in the online application. Official transcripts are not required at the time of application (if you are offered admission, the Graduate School will request official transcripts).

International transcripts with degree statements, including the date of graduation and title of the academic degree awarded, must be in the original language and be accompanied by a certified English translation.  If your transcripts are in English, it is not necessary to have them translated.  It is not required to have transcripts evaluated for the degree by an agency.

Required Tests

The College of Education does not consider the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) for admission.

English Language Proficiency Demonstration

International applicants and applicants whose native language is not English who attended school outside the US, UK, Australia, Bahamas, Canada, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Trinadad, or Tobago are required to submit a demonstration of English Language Proficiency. More information about this requirement can be found here.  

Applicants using test scores to demonstrate this may send official TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo scores to UW for their application. Scores are valid for 2 years after the test date.  

For TOEFL, please order official test scores from the Educational Testing Service using the institution code #4854. All IELTS test centers can report scores electronically. You must request from the center where you took the test that your scores be sent electronically using the IELTS system (E-TRF) to the following address: University of Washington All Campuses, Organisation ID 365, Undergrad & Graduate Admis, Box 355850, Seattle, WA, 98105, United States of America. For Duolingo, follow the instructions on their website.

Statement of Financial Ability

For the calendar year 2023-2024, information about the cost of living expenses, tuition, and other campus fees can be found here. These expenses are subject to change without notice, and students should be prepared for adjustments. If you have been offered admission, you must submit a statement of financial ability. This does not need to be submitted with your application.

For a complete list of anticipated expenses, please visit the Graduate School website.

For Other Questions...

General information about the UW can be found on both the Graduate School and the University of Washington websites. To learn more about the application process for international applicants, please contact the Office of Student Services at edinfo@uw.edu or phone (206) 543-7834.  

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