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Dr. Kathleen Artman Meeker: New Faculty in Special Education

Dr. Kathleen Artman Meeker joins the college as an assistant professor of special education. She specializes in professional development systems for early childhood professionals, innovative web tools for evidence-based practices in early education and early intervention, and practical strategies for promoting social-emotional competence in young children with and without special needs. Artman Meeker is eager to join the special education faculty, noting their engagement in national conversations about special education, scholarship, and teacher preparation. She has been working with the University of Washington Head Start National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning for the past three years and knows, firsthand, about the University’s impact within the fields of early learning and special education.

 kathleen artman meeker“I think that the National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning project is an example of the kind of work that is happening at UW,” she states. “It is not only providing tools that Head Start teachers can use right away in their classrooms, but it is also helping shape the vision of teaching and early learning on a national scale.”

Artman Meeker’s research has largely been focused on coaching. She has created online professional development courses for Training and Curriculum Specialists (coaches) in the military child care system through the Virtual Lab School, which is housed at Ohio State University. Additionally, she is particularly interested in the role of performance feedback in professional development. She has done a series of studies exploring different types of feedback and different ways coaches can use technology to provide feedback.

“Although coaching is often identified as an effective professional development strategy, we know relatively little about the characteristics of quality coaching and the ways coaching impacts teacher and child outcomes. The goal of my work is to unpack the critical elements of coaching, so coaches and teachers have a specific set of research-based professional development practices.”

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