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Coaches Across America

Coach Across America, an innovative capacity-building program from the Up2Us organization that trains and places coaches in sports-based youth development organizations around the country, is set to grow its numbers in Seattle in the coming year.

Following a launch event with funders Mercedes and Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, organizations in Seattle will have an increased ability to apply for their own coach position or positions at a reduced cost. The Center for Leadership in Athletics has been an important part of the growth of this effort in Seattle through its community partnership and outreach efforts with local sports organizations. The Center regularly works with Coach Across America’s host organization Up2Us to assist in bringing their research, training and expertise to organizations in Seattle.

Adrienne Moore, Program Administrator at the Center explained the importance of the partnership further, “High quality, well-trained coaches are such a huge need for the success of youth sports organizations. This is especially true for organizations serving youth who could benefit the most from involvement in sports – be it health and wellness benefits, involvement in something after school, or any of the other great things we know sport can do for young people. Coach Across America opens up a huge resource to organizations, at a subsidized cost, that increases impact as soon as a coach starts work. It’s really exciting and the Center is here to support these coaches and organizations so they can do their work most effectively.”

The foundation of sports-based youth development is built on the idea that sport can be used intentionally as a tool to address the most critical issues that youth face. Organizations such as AGE UP Ultimate, America SCORES Seattle, Row to the Future and Skate Like A Girl are already involved with the Center’s work and have benefitted from Coach Across America-hosted coaches in the past year.  Sport can be a powerful connection to education (high school student athletes graduate at a higher rate than their non-athlete peers), health (participation in sports at a young age is linked to improved lifelong fitness) and a host of other positive outcomes for youth. Trained, high-quality coaches may be the most important element to ensure that young people are truly reaping the benefits that sport promises.

“We have developed a strong community of sports-based youth development organizations here in Seattle, and without the organizing efforts of the Center, this growth wouldn’t be happening,” states Sam Terry, co-founder of All Girl Everything Ultimate Program (AGE UP).

To read more about Coach Across America, visit Up2UsThe Center will host its yearly “Chalk Talk” series starting in January as well as continue to assist in the proliferation of Coach Across America in the area.  Visit the Center’s Community Paternships and Outreach website for additional details.

Questions about the Center and its activities can be directed to Adrienne Moore at moad8@uw.edu.

Read more about the launch event from Lauresu.

Click here for more information on Up2Us and Coach Across America.

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